June 11, 2012

New Features - June 2012

The Utah State Library reports that their Utah Government Publications Online digital library is now faster and more user friendly.  New features added this month are:

  • Publications are easily downloaded from search results and from the document viewer
  • One-click of metadata values in the search results now provides drill-down filtering
  • Search results open faster
  • Advanced search options are more intuitive, more accessible
  • "Open document" links now open any publication, in full, in a new window
  • Publications are now more easily recognized by title within search results
  • Metadata are less confusing - simply click "More Detail" to view the complete set in a new tab
  • New searches are speedier because of a more optimized welcome page
  • Search keywords are displayed in their context in result previews
And added earlier this Spring:
  • Instant click and view -- no more waiting for large PDF publications to load

February 06, 2012

Search Utah Government

Use this Google search to to find information on State of Utah websites:

March 30, 2009

We've moved!

The Utah Hive network and community, formerly on Ning, is now found on Facebook at:

Please join us there!

Thank you.

Ray Matthews

February 05, 2009

Welcome to the Utah State Publications Blog

The Utah Hive is the ad hoc community of those working to provide free permanent public access to Utah government publications. Anyone is welcome to join us.

The official repository for Utah state and local governments is the digital library maintained by the Utah State Library known as Utah Government Publications Online.

What do you think is the best way for us to collaborate in support of preserving publications and building the digital library?   Outlets for open collaboration exist in many forms.  We've linked to some in the "Communities" sidebar.  Let's experiment to see what works best.  Comments and suggestions are welcome.

February 04, 2009

Digital Library Service Upgrade

The Utah State Library is pleased to announce a service upgrade to the state publications digital library found online at http://publications.utah.gov.  This upgrade is effective immediately and includes:
  • Migration of the service to a new hosted environment
  • Software upgrade with new user personalization options
  • Simplified form and process for agencies to submit publications, and
  • New search boxes that state agencies can use to provide access to their publications
The new server offers many benefits to state agencies and the public.  Performance has been enhanced and we can now create customized an unlimited number of libraries and collections. We have already, for example, a collection for the Division of State History's  Utah Historical Quarterly.  We also have library for the Division of Administrative Rules' Utah State Bulletin and the "Utah Public Health Library" built through a partnership with the Utah Department of Health and the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library at the University of Utah.

The new software upgrade now provides a "My Account" link that allows users to register and save queries matching their research interests.  As new publications are added that match these interests, users will receive email notifications alerting them to new content.  As before, users can easily search, download, and email publications to themselves or others.

State agency and local government publishers of government publications have been able to submit born digital publications to the Digital Library.   Effective today, we have a new online submission form and instructions that will allow you to submit publications with minimal effort .  Entire directories of publications can be zipped (compressed) and submitted in one operation.  The State Library will catalog and load all publications received within two business days.

With the move to the new server, there is a new change to the domain and IP address. The public will still access Utah Government Publications Online through http://publications.utah.gov, but state agencies that have links to publications within the digital library or search boxes on agency websites,  will need to make changes to the coding.  Access to the old server will be discontinued Thursday, February 5, so those with such links should update these by 6 p.m., Thursday, February 5, 2009.  Sample search box coding is found at http://publications.utah.gov/code.html. The State Library's Digital Library Services team will be happy to provide you with custom coding to meet your needs.